Best Memory Foam Mattress and Topper Reviews

Best Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers Reviews 2017

For many of us, sleeping is something that is of uttermost importance and if you are someone who has a job that requires you to be very fresh so that you can attend it properly, then you will definitely not want to wake up every morning feeling tired, because your bed doesn’t really offer you the comfort that you need, so in this regard, you can always consider an orthopedic mattress. Many people are complaining about the fact that when they are waking up in the morning, they are either feeling neck pains, back pains or even chest pains. That is because they don’t have the best mattress. To compliment your topper with an amazing mattress check out the Amerisleep Mattress.

A memory foam mattress will provide you with all of the comfort that you always wanted to have when sleeping, but never really experienced it. It has a lot of features and some of them we will expose in the next minutes.

Before reading the reviews, you may need to have a quick look at the definition of Memory Foam Mattress and Topper.

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What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses, (or it is usually called as “memory mattresses”), are topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive visco-elastic memory foam – the main material of this type. This type of mattress has good function of relieving pressure on painful joints to help have better sleep. Besides, this type of mattress also has more functions and supports that you can find in each type of mattress recommended in this website.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Memory Foam Mattress toppers or Mattress Toppers are made to be placed on top of the mattress to give extra support. The foam responds to your body’s weight by conforming to the contours of the body; because it supports all parts equally, there are no pressure points to cause pain and soreness. Memory foam mattress toppers can be a great solution of better life when you use mattress and topper together.

The Top Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews 2017

Product Material Warranty
4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Visco Foam 3 Years
Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper Bamboo-derived Rayon 1 Year
Sleep Innovations 4″ Dual Layer Topper Gel Foam & Plush Fiber 10 Years
Lucid 3″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper Memory Foam 3 Years
Ultimate Dreams 3-Inch Talalay Latex Medium Topper Latex 3 Years
Extra Plush Double Thick Fitted Topper Soft Material 1 Year
Night Therapy Memory Foam 4-Inch Pressure Relief Memory Foam 3 Years

Note: Reviews are based on ratings and scores including personal ideas.

Read more details given below to get full information about the best mattress and topper… Full tips, and guides are also provided.

First of all, the memory foam mattress will offer you an excellent spine support. This is because the mattress is design and geared towards following the natural shape of your body and it will be strong enough to support its entire weight while keeping you in a healthy position. One of the top brands and most popular brands that is a perfect complement to any topper is Casper.

Also, people who know themselves of having different orthopedic problems will be the ones who will be mostly advantaged by it. The memory foam mattresses offer them cushioned surfaces so that their bodies and painful areas will be relaxed and taken care of properly.

Regular mattresses cause back pains

And we all know that in the past, while using regular beds, they would get to have bumps, which were very annoying and would make your sleeping experience worse. But memory foam mattresses have a larger lifespan and they will never cause any bumps that will disturb your sleeping. When you will use such a mattress, you will wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning and having more energy. You will even skip your morning coffee sometimes, that is how good a memory foam mattress is. Simply the best.

If with other mattresses, you would just roll off the bed, with a memory foam mattress, that will never happen again.

You will always wake up in the same place you went to sleep on. And the last good news about them is the guaranteed comfort. If you think that you cannot get an improved sleep from mattresses, then that is where you are totally wrong. You will always find the Best mattress for back pain as very comfortable and you will never want to part with them again.

Best is that the quality of sleep can be improved

The truth is that there are a lot of individuals out there who are having problems when it comes to their quality of sleep and most of the times they will wake up in the morning feeling very tired and having on mood for going to work and if you are happening to be one of those individuals, then you should know that using a memory foam mattress you will never have to worry about that anymore.

Most of the mattresses out there are just of poor quality and they will just wear down in a very short period of time. You probably know and already are aware of the fact that sooner or later, your brand new mattress will suck in a hole in the middle and you will again wake up feeling tired in the morning and roll over all night long. If you are looking for a long term solution to your bedding needs consider Bear Mattress.

Thick, durable materials

But if you will go with a queen mattress, that will never happen again. Such a mattress has a very thick material that will never allow it to suck in a whole ever and its cushioning is very soft, which will allow you to have a very comfortable sleeping experience.

Special technology to support the spine

Because of the technology that has been used in order to make it, your spinal cord will never have to be in for any kid of stress from now on. This means that if you were waking up in the morning up until now with back pains, neck pains, when you will start using the queen mattress, all of those problems will go away.

The material that it is made of is also very breathable, so this means that your skin will be able to breathe, which will overall improve the health of your body. Also, you will be able to choose any color that you will want this mattress to come in.

If you dont know where to buy it, then that is no problem. The internet is the fastest way to find out the model that it is right for you and all you will have to do is have an active internet connection and that is it. There are many websites out there that you will be able to choose from, so make sure that you will always look for the best offers. Some of them will also include free shipping which is just a great thing. Using memory foam mattress, you will always wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Mattress chosen by NASA

What many people dont know yet probably, is the fact that this mattress has been used by NASA in its space missions and it actually allowed the crew on board to have a very good sleep. These mattresses are special and regardless of how many times you will sleep on them and regardless of your weight, they will never develop any holes in the middle or will have bumps, like those old spring based mattresses that many of us have used in the past.

They are very comfortable at the least and there are many other benefits these mattresses are praised for. The material which they are made of called viscoelastic has been developed in the nineteen sixties when the first NASA space missions begun. Ever since then it was used only in high end equipments, but now they are also available to the general public. With a blatantly superior comfort and medical benefits, its safe to safe that the memory foam mattress is the Best mattress for back pain and people who want to have a perfect sleep!

Choosing the Best Mattress for the Money

It seems like many of us are on the never ending search to find the best mattress for the money. After all, nobody wants to spend a fortune on an mattress only to find out that it is the most uncomfortable thing you have ever slept on in your life. Finding the right mattress is even more important for those of you with back problems, so please make sure to read our reviews on the best mattress for back pain while you are here. One of the most popular mattresses online is the Nectar Mattress.

How to Find the Best Mattress for the Money

Before you can even begin to find the best mattress for the money, you have to take into consideration certain factors that might make a mattress the best choice for you. There are really a lot of things to think about here and try to remember that while one mattress might be a great choice for one person, it may not be so great for another person. We each have our own individual tastes and levels of comfort. Some things you should consider are:

Cost of the Mattress Most of us don’t have endless supplies of money just laying around ready to spend at a moments notice. Which means that cost is a very important factor. What we usually recommend is that you set a realistic budget for your new mattress and then narrow down your options to only mattresses that fit within that price range. This will give you fewer mattresses to consider and allow you to make a much better decision based on a product that you can actually afford.

Type of Mattress Choosing the right type of mattress is also very important. For instance, I personally cant stand to sleep on a traditional spring mattress. After a night of sleeping on a spring mattress I wake up the next morning only to find that my entire body hurts. So for me the best type of mattress would be a memory foam mattress (read our memory foam mattress reviews) or a latex foam mattress. If you aren’t sure which type of mattress is best for you, spend a Saturday browsing a mattress store and make a point to lay on several types of mattress to see which one feels the most comfortable to you, but don’t buy one just yet.

Size of the Mattress Years ago I made the mistake of buying a mattress that was too small, the decision to buy that mattress was based entirely on money. I found a great mattress and while I couldn’t afford the king size, which is what my wife and I wanted, we could afford a queen size mattress in the same model. That was a mistake I regretted for a long time, because I soon found out that the size of the mattress was very important. So take that into consideration when shopping for your new mattress. If you share your bed with your spouse, you might want to make sure to go with a king size mattress, however, a smaller mattress works perfectly well for those that sleep alone.

Best Memory Foam Mattress and Topper Reviews
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It is not easy to get Best Quality Memory Foam Mattress and Topper with reasonable prices if you don’t know the specific analysis of pros and cons. Don’t hurry on your decision if you have no ideas on products information. In order to help you save time and money, we here spend time checking and reviewing the details of products and presenting you best reviews which can help you get best ideas on how to choose the ideal memory foam mattress and mattress topper with step-by-step buying guides.

Understanding all necessary factors of each mattress or topper is crucial to your final decision. Before buying or purchasing Memory Foam Mattress Topper, you should know the following details. Your “comfortable life – good sleep” depends on your decision. Learning tricks and tips of best memory foam mattress and topper selection is what you need to “equip” yourself before making your final choice.

You will find that it is very bad when you return it or send it back if you choose the wrong products because they are so cumbersome and laborious. In order to avoid this situation, we share with you our concrete analysis on Best Memory Foam Mattress and Topper below

Recommended Best Mattress Topper


Click here>>Sleep Joy 4 Inch ViscO2 Ventilated


Click here>>Sleep Better 3-Inch Visco Elastic


Click here>>Memory Foam Solutions Queen 2-Inch

Because the mattress or topper is big, and expensive (hard to move or transport), you should know all details in order to buy the best ones with reasonable prices. Here we present you top ten best products with specific information including step-by-step buying guides that can help you save time and money when purchasing mattress and topper.

Before purchasing, you should learn how to choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

It is recommended that you should know all necessary information and important factors about the products before purchasing top rated toppers. Careful consideration is needed if you want to get the best ones and avoid the unexpected cases. Specific details can be found below:

DensityDensity:Each memory foam mattress topper has different densities (various types). It is always recommended that a topper with higher density is better because it helps with pressure points reduction and supports with your body weight. In addition, it should also have temperature control with long lasting properties. Therefore, you can sleep well without worrying about broken sleep. 3 pounds memory foams are being used widely by many people. However, 4 pounds foams should be used if you have body problems like chronic pain such as joint pain, head pain, and back pain. SEE MORE DENSITIES HERE…


right-sizeSize: * You should choose the topper that fits your bed. This will help you have good sleep. Common topper has various sizes such as full, twin, king, queen, and California. Make sure you buy the one that fits your mattress and bed. You should check the current size of your bed and mattress before purchasing. If you don’t have any ideas about the size of topper, you should check the information carefully. For more information about the various sizes, please SEE MORE SIZES HERE…


Right-thicknessThickness: * When talking about the thickness, you should think about the 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch topper. These are common types of thickness.  You should choose the suitable ones basing on your current mattress. Remember that you should know that each type of thickness gives different feelings and comforts. If you don’t have any ideas about the thickness of topper, you should check the information carefully. For more information about the various types, please SEE MORE THICKNESS HERE…


Material-purityMaterial purity: * The best topper should be able to protect you from allergic reactions, mould and dust mite. The best topper should be made of hypoallergenic material or similar materials which does not have allergic reactions. Best topper can be able to protect body oils and other things from penetrating through to the inner material.


guaranteed-sealWarranty: * Choosing the products that give you the extended warranty period is recommended. It is because the quality products should be durable in long time. Therefore, you can get best guarantee from the manufacturers and the dealers.


Equipping your house with the best top rated memory foam mattress topper is required if you want to have good sleep. (FREE FROM BROKEN SLEEP at nights). Wise investment should be considered and made carefully!

The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • NAME
  • SIZE
  • 2-inch
  • Queen, King, California king, Full, Twin, Twin XL
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Years
  • About 4.2 out of 5.0 stars
  • 3-Inch
  • Queen, King, California King, Twin XL
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Years
  • About 4.3 out of 5.0 stars
  • 4-Inch
  • Queen, King, California king, Full, Full XL, Twin, Twin XL
  • Imported
  • 3 Years
  • About 4.4 out of 5.0 stars
  • 4-inch
  • Queen, King, California king, Full, Twin, Twin XL
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Years
  • About 4.1 out of 5.0 stars
  • 4-inch
  • Queen, King, California king, Full, Twin, Twin XL
  • Made in the USA
  • -
  • About 4.3 out of 5.0 stars

5 Best selling Memory foam mattress topper reviews

1. >>> 2-inch Visco Elastic Mattress Topper

2. >>> 4 Inch Visco Elastic Topper

3. >>> Sleep Better 3 Inch Topper

4. >>> Sleep Joy 2-Inch Blueflex Gel Topper

5. >>> Sleep Joy 4-Inch ViscO2 Topper

How to Choose The Best Memory Foam Mattress

There are a few important things that you should understand before purchase the best memory foam mattress for your needs. Choosing mattress seems to be harder than choosing topper. Therefore, you should check the following points below to get the best ideas of getting the ideal memory foam mattress.

Density : People can easily recognize the measurement of weight in pounds polyurethane foam  handling per cubic foot by checking the foam density. Best recommended for 4 lbs. or more.

You should remember that density doesn’t express the durability and comfort because the quality of mattress rely on many various factors. It simply tells you the strength of the foam.

Temperature Regulation : Good mattress should have great temperature adjustment that can help disperse body heat fast and efficiently. It should also be made of breathable materials. It means air circulation should have good functions in order to create best comfortable feelings when you are sleeping on bed. Getting a cover that can absorb moisture and be easy to clean is recommended.

Indentation Load Deflection : ILD is the weight required to press down memory foam to 25% of its thickness. The ILD decides the firmness of the mattress. This is not main factor that decides the quality of memory foam. However, it is recommended that you should consider the ILD range between 10 and 16. The indentation load deflection which can be high or low may suitable to each person’s feelings.

Materials: The material of memory foam should be “hypoallergenic”. It means that the product won’t cause any allergic reactions. People with high sensitivities should notice this factor if they want to have good sleep at nights. Hypoallergenic mattresses are designed to help people have good sleep and avoid unexpected problems such as bad substances penetrating through the mattress. The good material can be able to prevent dust mites, bed bugs and other similar things.

The Best Memory Foam Mattress

  • 10-inch
  • Cool Airflow System, HD 100% Visco-Elastic, Anti-Allergy
  • 80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Full XL, Twin XL
  • About 4.5/5.0 (297+ REVIEWS)
  • 12-inch
  • Minimizes pressure on the body, eliminate motion disturbance, ILD 9, ideal firmness
  • 80 x 60 x 12 inches
  • Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • About 4.4/5.0(923+ REVIEWS)
  • 12-Inch
  • Maximum therapeutic support, Superior pressure point relief, 20-year warranty
  • 80 x 60 x 12 inches
  • Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • About 4.4/5.0(3,167+ REVIEWS)
  • 6-inch
  • Two layers high-density foam, CertiPUR-US Certified for durability
  • 75 x 38 x 6 inches
  • Twin, Full, Queen, King, TwinXL
  • About 4.6/5.0(818+ REVIEWS)
  • 10-Inch
  • Open cell air flow technology, anti allergens and dust mites, 25 years warranty
  • 59 x 79 x 10 inches
  • Full XL, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Short Queen
  • About 4.1/5.0(1,943+ REVIEWS)

5 Best selling Memory foam mattress reviews

1. >>> Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic

2. >>> Signature Sleep

3. >>> Sleep Innovations SureTemp

4. >>> Sleep Master Therapeutic

5. >>> Lucid Mattress

FAQs Related to Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers

If you have plan to purchase a mattress or topper, you should equip yourself necessary knowledge. Understanding important information and details of products well can help you save time and money, and get the best suitable ones for your needs. The following frequently asked questions can help you learn basic things to make good decision before buying mattresses or toppers. Therefore, you don’t need to search around to find details and information about memory foam mattresses and toppers. You can also find additional information and details of related products such as pillows,…

1> How to know what Good Mattress is?
A good mattress should help you sleep comfortably and deeply; you can feel comfortable with any postures or movements – free from “tossing and turning” feelings (move around restlessly while sleeping or trying to sleep). However, everyone can have different “tastes” and “needs” for how to choose the best mattresses or (toppers).
2> Common Expectation for Good Mattress?
A mattress (or topper) should be durable at quality, and reasonable at prices. It should also have good years of warranty. In addition, it should help you have better sleep such as having comfortable feeling during sleeping and after waking up (free from pain)
3> How Comfortable Mattresses should be?
It depends on many factors such as thickness, density, and size. Each person has different “tastes”. Some may like softness while other people love firmness, and the rest like the combination of softness and firmness. (usually combined with toppers)
4> What Type of Mattress should be suitable?
There are various types of mattresses being sold on online and offline markets. Each has different prices, functions, years of warranty….coming from different manufacturers. Therefore, to choose the best suitable ones, you should spend time checking and reviewing the popular and famous ones to see which ones can be best suited for your favorites.
5> How many brands of Mattresses and Toppers?
There are various numbers of brands being sold on the markets. These are popular and famous. You may be able to view full list of brands in this website. Just spend time browsing and checking in categories to see which brand that you like.
6> Why are Mattresses different from each other?
It is because they come from different manufacturers. Each has its own features: prices, functions, structures, years of warranty (which to reduce maintenance cost), quality, bonus (including related products such as pillow), thickness, size, density, etc…Nothing can be “perfect”. Just pick the one that you think they fit your needs. The best option is combination of mattresses and toppers.
7> What is the common size in Mattress and Topper?
Mattresses and topper can have various sizes. To pick the right size, you should consider measuring your bedroom first so that you can know which ones can fit your bedroom. These common sizes can be twin, queen, king, full…
8> What are the most popular brands that you should know?
Below are some famous and popular brands that you can check for mattresses and toppers:
9> Which Memory Foam Mattress and Topper Brand is the Best?
Actually, there are some good brands that you can consider before making your final decisions. These are popular and famous for their features, prices, quality, etc…All you have to do is trying to check to see which one that can fit your needs mostly. Each brand has a unique type of mattress. You will be able to find the full list of mattress and topper brand in categories.
10> Are Memory Foam Mattresses Toxic?
It depends on the brand. To make sure that you are free from potentially hazardous chemicals, you should choose ones that have the CertiPUR-US label. The mattresses have this label which indicates that the mattresses have high quality; and you can be free from worries of harmful chemicals.
11> Can Memory Foam Mattresses be found with Toxic Chemicals?
Most of quality and premium mattresses which have the CertiPUR-US label don’t contain toxic chemicals. However, some mattresses may contain a number of toxic chemicals if they don’t have the CertiPUR-US label. The following harmful chemicals can be: Ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Lead, etc…
12> Is an Mattress Eco-Friendly?
Yes. The manufacturing process of An eco-friendly mattress is not harmful to the environment; and an eco-friendly mattress is produced and made of friendly materials that don’t impact on the environment
13> What prices does a Mattress range?
Each mattress can have different prices. It depends on many factors such as brand name, type of mattress, size, thickness, etc…Prices of mattress can range from very cheap, cheap, affordable, expensive, to very expensive…Just plan your budget that you are willing to spend for. Note: Prices may not always indicate the quality of mattress (or topper). No matter what prices a mattress can have, a mattress can cause problem if it is made with harmful chemicals and materials. Instead of checking the price as a measure of safety, you should check the label of mattress. The safe one should have the Certi-PUR label because it is produced and made of friendly materials (free from toxic chemicals).
14> Soft Mattress or Firm Mattress?
As mentioned above, it depends on many factors to choose suitable mattress. Some may like soft mattress while others love firm mattress. However, the best choice is to pick the one that is not too soft and not too firm. The combination of firmness and softness will be the ideal option to think about. If needed, you can ask advice from a chiropractor or doctor to get the right level of firmness or softness for better health.
15> Can Mattress help people who are suffering from Back Pain?
It is yes. Each type of mattress can have different functions. Regardless of type of mattress, most of people who are suffering from severe back pain or chronic pains usually are looking for firm mattresses. The firmness will be the main point as solution. It is necessary to ask advice from a chiropractor or doctor to pick the best mattress based on current situation of pain level. This will help with proper posture while sleeping. The suitable level of firmness will be the key to help reduce the pain during sleeping.
16> What Factors should you pay attention to when purchase Mattress?
This seems to be the important question to be asked. There are lots of sellers including online and offline offering various mattresses (and topper). Here are some basic points that you should pay attention to:
– Years of warranty (durability can help reduce the cost of maintenance…)
– The label should be Certi-PUR. Free from toxic chemicals. Eco-friendly materials.
– Shipping cost (better is from low to free cost). However, it depends on your location so that the cost of shipping can be various.
– Exchange and Return. This will help you pick the right ones with high quality.
– Customer services.
– Selling various brands.
– Good ratings, reviews…
– Manufacturers

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